Who We Are

ACT Inc. brings the unique ability to deliver new, unrealized value that extends beyond the traditional benefits of technology. We accomplish this by producing an eclectic mix of services that are a cross between finance, operations, computing and telecommunications. We deliver cost effective results by engaging a select group of industry experts and Business Partners. We Turn Technology into Value.

How We Got Here

We were founded as a value added reseller and certified, authorized consultant to the premium accounting and financial management system software. Our clients ranged from Wall Street firms to Main Street companies. Many of our systems provided operational solutions that incorporated the integration of computing and telecomm technologies. Our systems solutions became more complex and large-scale, and we began to focus on emerging technologies. As the time value of information grew to our financial service clients, ACT Inc. expanded our expertise in wireless and mobile.


Once our founder authored the renowned book "Wireless Computing Primer", our business expanded to clients worldwide and our services grew beyond systems solutions. Systems design, project management, training products and process improvement emerged as ACT's focus in response to client demand. As clients in the public and private sectors realized increased benefits from our products and services, strategic alignment increased in prominence as one of our consulting services.

Today, ACT delivers products and services that focus on:

Process Improvement                        Evaluation and Assessment of IT Solutions
Strategic Alignment                             Program and Project Management


In addition to hundreds of cumulative years of stellar performance, our consultants are backed with advanced degrees and recognized credentials. Our Discover IT line of business and technology, educational products and seminars are an outgowth of services delivered over the years. Bringing strength in business and technology, We turn technology into value.


Our clients include: Our Partners include: Our ideal clients include:
American Express
ICE-Intercontinental Exchange
State of New Jersey
U.S. Dept. of the Army


Bearing Point
Mobile Trax
  1. Financial Service Firms
  2. Telecomm Firms
  3. Federal Agencies
  4. Firms that benefit from complex, large-scale financial & operational improvements